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Dried Shrimp Size S/M

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The shrimps come from the Gulf Coast. After careful selection, only the freshest quality shrimps are used for production (cleaned, boiled, and dried). We take pride in our manufacturing process, which is for chemical-free, has no preservatives, or color, and contains only a hint of salt for added flavor. Our dried shrimps are meticulously inspected, tested, and FDA approved to guarantee the freshest and highest quality shrimps before they are packaged for distribution.

Bunviseth Chip

This is one of the good dried shrimp. It taste original. Feel like you re at the beach when eating this. it is clean and packaged well and the quality of shrimp itself it is 10/10. It is good for just eating it alone as snack or mix with food. It is good with cold beer as well. I recommend this. you won't know till you try.

Katie Pham

We're so happy to find out a reliable dried shrimp brand, premium quality, and especially made in USA one, Lizra!! Fresh, clean, and pretty tasty... Highly recommended!!

Allan Monica Trulock

Great quality shrimp with fast delivery! Will definitely order again!